Garden Route Experience

Business Consulting

Focus Points:

Turnaround Strategies

Every business from time to time needs help – like a sick patient needs medication or treatment. We cut trough the flesh and address all issues - not just the quick fixes. The ultimate goal is profitability and long term sustainability.

New Business Development

New markets; Route-to-market, existing and new; SWOT; Understanding the landscape. We need to continuously re-invent ourselves to be relevant and competitive. Growing from Good to Great!

Strategy Development

A lot of companies under estimate the importance of a strategy / roadmap and some have one, but only a few understand them. Lets make strategy practical!

Mergers & Acquisitions

Deal negotiations, due diligence, structured finance, company valuations and strategic business plans.

Finance & Accounting

Finance and Accounting advise; monthly accounting advisory services; practical operational and accounting solutions.

Structured Finance

Innovative solutions for share transactions and raising of capital

BEE Consulting

BBBEE strategy and action plans. Networking with potential BBBEE partners.

Leadership Development

Leadership must not be over complicated. How to make it practical, using LEMON leadership assessment tools.


how we grow your business

Crafting a Strategic Agenda
Shift from PROFIT driven to PURPOSE driven

  • Rebuild the foundation
    You need a good view and understanding of your company.  It will form the basis for your plan. Without that knowledge, the agenda may be out of sync with the business, the company will lose direction and the results could be serious. An identity crisis knocks a company off track and clouds people’s judgment regarding their direction and ways to allocate resources. The perspective on your company needs to be assessed, within the operating environment. Only then should you try to determine what conditions and resources need to be present to get it moving toward long-term success.  It is always good to get an independent consultant to challenge you on how you view the above.
  • Set a short-term agenda
  • Focus on the few
  • Look for quick wins
  • Expect push back

The direction of the game

Profits from Passion to Purpose (Firm of Endearment)

A company fuelled by passion and purpose, while creating shared value by engaging with its stakeholders, is a “firm of endearment. A firm of endearment, or purpose-driven company, aligns stakeholder interests with business strategy and acts in positive ways that stakeholders recognize, admire and, in many cases, love – one that is not only successful, but has the real potential to change the world. For companies that are not currently purpose-driven companies but aspire to be, these rules can serve as a guide to affecting powerful organizational – and sustainable – change.

Over 10-15 years these firms shows 14 times better results than S&P companies.

Over 10-15 years these firms shows 6 times better results than Good to Great companies.